1,126 hectares of space for business to grow
600 hectares fully operation SEZ
95 industries under construction
141 investors with 18 nationalities
Regular supply of quality wood to manufacturers
Reliable electricity and water at subsidized tariff
Easy access to loan for manufacturers

Incentives and Advantages

  • Single Window Clearance
  • Fiscal Incentives of Operating Inside SEZ
  • Advantages of Gsez
  • All investment and industry related approvals at one place.
  • 24 hour for the creation of a company.
  • 7 days for the issuance of exemption certificates.
  • 7 days for obtaining technical approval, GSEZ entry authorization and certificate of compliance.
  • 0% Corporate Income Tax
  • Exemption from custom duty on import of equipment and machinery for industries
  • 0% Property Tax
  • Exemption from VAT
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Modern infrastructure with multiple access options to the site
  • Relaxed and flexible Labor Law
  • Fixed parity between FCFA (the local currency) and Euro: 655.957 FCFA = 1 Euro
  • SEZ conceptualized to offer combined Work-Life-Play environment

Gabon Wood Hub

The Biggest Furniture Manufacturing Cluster in Central Africa right here within GSEZ

Accommodates 40 to 50 workshops
1,000 m² common machine room
1,000 m3 Kiln Dryer facility
3,000 m² showroom
2,000 m² packaging facility
4,000 m² logistics

Customer's Voice

Ms. Gao - China
CEO of Dan Gabon CDG

Working in NKOK is a real power solution for companies like us. Their staff help us create the best conditions to setle our business in a new country. Everything was done in 14 days!

Mr. Bowon - Cameroon
Manager of Africa Alloys

NKOK SEZ has reliable supply on electricity and water at great tarif. Access to power at subsidies price has made us really competitive by helping significantly reduce our operation cost.

Ms. Cynthia Nze Mezang - Gabon
Marketing Manager GSEZ

My greatest achievement has been the sale of all spaces within NKOK area and I look forward to the second phase of the project, which is to attract more investors and to create more jobs for local people.

Mr. Enguenya - Gabon
CEO of Gabonaise Courtage Assurance (GCA)

NKOK SEZ is composed of 3 areas: Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. This allows a certain variety and diversity of activites within the zone while ensuring work, live and play culture. As a service company we decided to settle in commercial area to offer our range of services for the benefit of other investors.

Ms. Cindy Ngoua - Gabon
Legal manager GSEZ

The GSEZ experience is a unique experience. A company that places the well-being and the blossoming of his employees at the heart of its fundamental objectives, bringing consideration and recognition to each of them and avoiding isolation and disinterest.

Mr. Jasweer Singh - India

Gabon Special Economic Zone SA (GSEZ) is the Administrating and Managing Agency for NKOK SEZ. GSEZ is a successful Public Private Partnership project between Olam International Ltd (Singapore) and Gabonese Republic, the outcome of a shared vision to effectively master the transition toward industrialization of Gabon.

Ms. Bekky LIU - China
Marketing officer GSEZ

It is a really educational and pleasant journey for my past almost-one year experience in Olam. I am looking after Chinese clients and take care of the china market. I feel excited to bring more clients in and see their businesses going well in the zone.

Mr. Olivier Ngoma - Gabon
Public Relations with Institutions & Medias

I have joint our nation dream, now we have made history by developing the biggest SEZ in West Central Africa, and I am really proud to say that no other projets in the region can stand the comparison.

Ms. Laetitia YUINANG - Gabon
Head of Legal GSEZ

Six years ago, I joined Olam, first, as Legal Manager and then as Legal Director following the departure of the person who held the position. I am fortunate to work in a dynamic society in which I live extraordinary, unique and enriching experiences that I could not live in any other society.

Mr. Shailesh Barrot - India
General Manager, GSEZ

NKOK SEZ is an ISO certified site. Our systems and processes ensure reliable infrastructure and efficient facilities being run in for quality servicing of our investors.

Mr. Kumar Mohan - India
Finance Manager, GSEZ

We have signed partnerships with financial institutions for the financing of our NKOK SEZ investors. Up to 80% on land acquisition and up to 60% on plant construction can be financed by ECOBANK as part of these agreements.

Mr. Van Merlo - Malaysia
General Manager GWI

The zone has good connectivity and fully operational container terminal. Fast custom approval within NKOK SEZ help us achieve optimal efficiency in terms of time and costs saving.

Mr. Reslan - Lebanon
Managing Director, CDG

Our project of Steel recycling plant meets the local market demand for this type of products and we are proud to be part of the SEZ and being the first one to set up our business in the zone.

Mr. Kannan - India
General Manager, Shinago

NKOK SEZ is strategically located at the heart of Central Africa which give us great flexibility of free trade in the six countries of CEMAC Monetory and Economic Union representing a market of more than 44 million people.