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Our Timber Cluster                


Timber at the heart of GSEZ Nkok’s activities

Covered at 88% by forest and with 12.5 million hectares of sustainably managed forests containing over 400 species of trees, including the well-known Kevazingo and the popular Okoumé, Gabon is the reference and flagship component of the timber industry.

With 3.4 million m3 produced each year, Gabon has become Africa’s leading producer and exporter of tropical veneer, and the world’s sixth-largest exporter.

A major figure in this industry, GSEZ has its own supply chain of timber to keep various wood-processing businesses up and running. Around 25 timber companies produce nearly 40,000 m3 of raw wood per month, stored in a log park with an area of 40 hectares.

Developed in the GSEZ, the 10 wood cluster companies are operating from 1st to 3rd processing. In the zones, 88 companies operating from 1st to 3rd processing and recorded an annual volume of 1,000,000 m3 of processed wood in 2022.

6000 m2

of space for

4000 m2

of wood drying installations

6000 m2

of floor space for packing and logistics

Different timber processing within GSEZ



13 units in production for sawn timber :

Processing stage where wood is cut into different shapes. Main companies are Gabon Wood Industries (2011), Wood Pro (2017) and Companie Dan Gabon (2016). These all meet the international chain of custody standard FSC- STD – 40 004

Veneer sheets

35 units in production for veneer:
Greenply (2016) and Evergreen (2016) are specialized in the production of veneer sheets, which is the result of the 2nd transformation of wood.


3 units in production for plywood
Star Ply was the 1st company to meet the international chain of custody standard FSC- STD – 40 004. It produces plywood by gluing veneer sheets. Gabon is known for manufacturing luxury plywood 100% Okoumé.

Wood Furniture

100% Made in Gabon wood
A conglomerate of 14 small and medium-sized companies producing furniture from rare essences made in Gabon.

Inspired by nature for

beautiful lifestyle spaces

It is thanks to the great diversity of exotic noble wood essences, international designers, a skilled local workforce, a wood cluster that we have created the ultimate standard in wood furniture.

Drawing inspiration from the unique natural beauty of Gabon’s tropical forests, Akiba is a luxury wood furniture brand ushering in a new era of ethically sourced and conservation-led forestry.

Akiba is a pioneering African brand founded on the respect that Gabon has for its forests and defined by its elegance, integrity and sustainability.

Akiba’s vision is to champion a new industry for sustainable African timber, producing high-end premium furniture made locally in Nkok, Gabon with the upmost respect for nature, conservation, and the community.


A showroom with an area of 3000 m², exhibiting 100% Made in Gabon furniture was opened to the public in 2018.

Gabon Wood Show

Once a year, GSEZ organizes the Gabon Wood Show.

This is the first-ever Wood, Woodworking Machinery & Forestry Equipment specialized exhibition in West and Central Africa and takes place in the heart of the capital city of Libreville, with easy access to the venue.

This type of exhibition allows for industry experts to interact and delve deeper into the African industry and the products on offer. It is also a great opportunity to seize the special lucrative deals on offer by the exhibitors during the show.

Finally, the Gabon Wood Show gives all attendees a chance to explore the premium African wood species in order to expand or include them in their portfolio of products.