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Gsez mpassa lebombi

Created in May 2022, the Mpassa Lebombi Special Investment Zone located 24 km from Moanda, is an industrial zone specializing in wood transformation. With a total area of 1432.5 ha, the zone includes a cluster dedicated to wood processing. By mid-2023, the zone will provide around 850 direct jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs through the various service providers operating in and around the area. In the zone, the Jaguar Wood Products is a key operational unit, specializing in the production of saw-mill.



Key Dates         


First operational unit



Agreement signed by Republic of Gabon and ARISE IIP


Construction of the zone


Three key operational units

Top 500

A joint venture between Arise IIP and the Republic of Gabon. The mandate grants GSEZ to develop and manage the infrastructure, enhance industrial competitiveness build an eco-friendly business ecosystem in Gabon.


First operational company inside GSEZ


First Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)

becomes a shareholder.



GSEZ rises as West/Central Africa’s manufacturing hub, making Gabon Africa’s top veneer exporter and the 2nd in the world. In partnership with Forest Resources Management and Brainforest, creation of Tracer, an independent agency that filters and records all log flows entering the Nkok area and ensures that 100% of the timber entering the area is legal, traceable, and responsible.

GSEZ enters

the circle of the Top 500 African companies in the Jeune Afrique ranking


144 investors join gsez

number of investors setteled in the zone working in a various domain ranging from kiln dry unit, sawmills, veneer, plywood, wood furniture factories, pharmaceutical products and plastic recycling. GSEZ is nominated as best special economic zone in the world in timber production by 2020 FDI Intelligence ranking(Financial Times).


carbon neutral certified

Africa’s first carbon-neutral certified industrial zone


The industrial zone corresponds to a multi-product zone with a special focus on the timber industry, where investors are required to implement and develop industrial processing units for their products, services, raw materials, and exports.


The commercial zone hosts all the services provided by the administrative institutions of the GSEZ Nkok, such as the development and management body, the administrative authority and the single window clearance.


The residential zone has strictly been designed for residential purpose.

“GSEZ is a Public Private Partnership between the Gabonese State, represented by the CDC, and the ARISE Group born from the will of the Highest Authorities, headed by His Excellency, Mr. President of the Republic- Ali Bongo Ondimba, to provide our country with a full-fledged tool for the second and third local transformation of wood. Today, this model tested in Nkok has been extended to Ikolo near Lambarene and Mpassa Lebombi near Franceville. It is the recognition of the excellence of this model that has resulted in our zone being awarded the title of the best economic zone in the world in the field of wood production in the FDI intelligence 2020 ranking of the Financial Times.”

Mrs Patricia Danielle MANON
General Director Administrator of CDC, Gabon (Deposit and consignment fund)

Wood Processing Sectors                 
Veneer Manufacturing


GSEZ is autonomous and includes all the necessary industrial and social infrastructures with multiple access options to the sites by road and railway, thus facilitating installation and work on site. Around the zone, amenities like banks, hospitals, food courts and housing are readily available, creating a well-rounded environment for employees and investors alike.

Companies in SEZ               

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Investment Opportunities

Wood remains the primary target sector. However, we are open to all kinds of investors and have companies operating in other industry sectors. Potential sectors include Food, Agro-Processing, Chemicals, and Recycling.

Within the wood sector, the companies involved are currently operating from the first to the third transformation, with a complete value chain and integrated logistics services.