NATURE PANELS – 1st Particle Board Plant in Central Africa

NATURE PANELS – 1st Particle Board Plant in Central Africa

Key project information

Location: Gabon, 25km away from the capital city

Project developer: Nature Panels / GSEZ

Estimated average annual credits*: 45,000

Intended certification: VERRA

Project summary

Nature Panels is a particle board manufacturer and supplier located in the Special Investment Zone of Nkok (Nkok SIZ) under the management of Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ). They ensure 100% transformation of wood residue with 0% additional production of wood waste.

Nkok SIZ is Gabon’s first special economic zone, a joint venture between the Government of Gabon and ARISE IIP. As a pan-African developer of industrial ecosystems, ARISE IIP conceives, finances, develops and exploits industrial zones across Africa. Nkok SIZ is the first industrial zone of the group and was developed in 2011 in Gabon and is centered mainly around timber manufacturing. Over 1100 hectares are dedicated to the transformation of logs into timber finished products like veneer, plywood, and furniture.

In addition to bringing additional economic value to Gabon, GSEZ is also taking significant steps to improve its environmental footprint: Nature Panels, a product of Tropical Forests Products, is one initiative settled in the industrial zone that allows considerable CO2 emissions reduction and environmental benefits.

Nature Panels results from the utilization of wood waste which is a byproduct of the timber companies located inside the zone. Without this intervention, most of the wood waste would be deposited in landfills. This allows for numerous positive externalities:

  • Reduce GHG emissions: by reducing methane emissions from biomass waste that is otherwise left to decay in dedicated landfill. The factory will be supplied with thermal energy supplied by boiler which uses wood residues as input.
  • Replace virgin wood: The project activity is first of its kind in host country to use a wood waste as a resource for industrial production of particle board, which will replace wood log-based plywood produced from virgin wood sourced from forest.
  • Circular economy: By recycling wood waste to produce particle board, Nature Panels is creating a virtuous circle shifting from a linear economy to a circular one.

The particle board plant is settled in Nkok SIZ since 2023 and is the only manufacturer of particle board in Gabon and Central Africa. Currently, the particle board factory recycles and manufactures approx. 400 tons of waste wood per day.


In addition to the objectives of 1) reduction of GHG emissions, 2) replace virgin wood, 3) circular economy, the project participates in the achievement of the following Sustainable Development Goals: 


Nature Panel’s project is eligible for Carbon Credits.

Credits Ownership and Land Tenure

The particle board’s factory, a company of Tropical Forests Products, is established in the Nkok Special Investment Zone.

The SIZ of Nkok is under GSEZ’s management which has a concession for the industrial development of the zone and thus the legal right to lease part of the land.

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