Amandine Ogouebandja

Amandine OGOUEBANDJA épse. DENIEL is the Deputy Managing Director of the Arise Group in Gabon and has also been promoted to Associate Vice President of the group, placing her in the rare list of women who play a central role in the group. Amandine is in charge of supporting the company’s corporate affairs and is the interface between Arise and the Gabonese government. She ensures that the group’s projects are implemented. As such, she has played a leading role in several major projects in Gabon such as the design, creation and development of Gabon’s Special Economic Zones, the monitoring of the Graine programme, the operationalisation of the NOIP and OMP Ports, the construction of a Hydrocarbon depot and the Dry Port (ICD).  

Previously, Amandine was associate as Deputy General Manager of SAG, a fundamental project of the Gabonese State to build the Transgabonaise, an 828 km road connecting Libreville to Franceville. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2009 with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), specialising in Finance. She began her career in Gabon as an advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, Tourism and Industry, where she worked for two years.  

Amandine has been working for the Arise Group and some of its partners for the past 12 years. She has held the positions of Deputy General Manager of SAG, Marketing & Sales Manager / Project Manager at Olam, as well as Corporate Affairs Manager at GSEZ. She also supported the implementation of the solar panel construction project, SOLEN.  

In 2011, Amandine was awarded the “Global Employee of the Year at Olam”, as well as the “Positivity Award”. In 2022, for the joy and positivity she passes on to others, she received the “Happy Chapie award”.  

Amandine is married and lives in Libreville. She is also the founder of the NGO “Anges oubliés”, which brings comfort to orphans in Gabon.