Vinodanand Jha

Vinodanand Jha is Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Administration at Olam, as well as Chief Information & Technology Officer at ARISE. He is primarily responsible of the implementation of digitalization and automation strategies at ARISE IIP, ARISE IS and ARISE P&L. Vinodanand has accumulated over 21 years of professional experience in leading and driving technological change across three continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa). He has intervened across a large variety of sectors, including banking, capital markets, steel, power, agriculture, large scale sustainable forestry operation, and on infrastructure verticals comprising integrated Special Economy Zones, ports, logistical operations, airports, road development, among others. This extensive experience has allowed Vinodanand to take part in the growth story of Arise from its foundation, and across the three verticals by which it operates. Vinodanand holds a master’s degree in Computers and Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) and has completed various management courses form Ivy League Business Schools, namely Harvard and Yale. Having worked for Olam and Arise for 9 years in Africa, Vinodanand is currently based out of Dubai. He is happily married and loves running, music, gardening and exploring the world.