Swaminathan Kumaraswami

Mr Swaminathan Kumaraswami is the Chief Risk Officer for Arise IIP Managing Office, Dubai. He previously held the position of Country Finance Controller for Olam International Ltd in Gabon where he headed the Finance function of 4 new businesses (including Palm, Rubber and Fertiliser & Project Graine) with investment of over $2.4 billion. He promotes a close relationship between Olam and the Republic of Gabon based on mutual advantage and sustainable development. With over 26 years of experience, he is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has been with Olam in Nigeria and in Gabon. During the course of his career, Mr Swamy also served in multinational companies like Dunlop India Ltd as Senior Manager in Finance. He began his work in Africa in 1997 and accumulates an added experience of over 10 years in Textile, Packaging and the Soap Manufacturing Industry within Nigeria.