Bhavin Vyas

Bhavin Vyas is the Chief ESG Officer of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), in charge of ensuring the sustainability of company operations and the creation of shared value for all stakeholders whilst protecting ARISE’S environment and ecosystem services, across the three ARISE verticals. With professional expertise in developing industrial economic zones, and managing the subsequent construction projects, Bhavin’s experience spans various types of industrial sectors, such as roads, airports, agribusiness activities, oil and gas, mining, ports, and hydropower. Bhavin has worked in more than 25 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. 20 years of professional experience have provided Bhavin with a detailed understanding of environmental and social risks and a knowledge of the positive benefits private investment can generate. Bhavin’s ESG experience covers ESIAs, the preparation and implementation of SEPs, Resettlement Action Plans, Social Investment, Human Rights IA, and Social Due Diligence. Bhavin has excellent working knowledge of the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Policies, IFC Performance Standards, EBRD’s Performance Requirements and AfDB’s Performance Requirements. Prior to joining ARISE, Bhavin worked for AECOM, URS, ERM, Mott McDonald in United Kingdom in Environment & Social development, Environment and Social safeguard auditing, disaster management, urban planning, poverty reduction, urban development, resettlement planning, community development, participatory planning, livelihood studies and migration.