Léon Mba International Airport

The Léon Mba Libreville International Airport is the main and largest international airport in the country. Named after the first President of the Gabonese Republic, the airport handles 1.2 Million passengers and 40,000 tons of freight per year.


1 Runway, 9,844 feet long, 148 feet wide
10,000 m² of storage area
Processing capacity up to 40,000 tonnes of freight per year
1,500 m² of office space
200 parking spaces for trucks and other vehicles


Several international and regional airlines operate in and out of Libreville’s Léon Mba International Airport.

New International Airport

Gabon’s high potential for development in the tourism and economic sector creates new needs for a completely new, state-of-the-art international airport. The new airport is constructed by GSEZ, in collaboration with the highly business focused government of Gabon to be delivered in 2022.

The airport will serve as a major hub for regional and international traffic.

Frequency on the existing connections will increase, while new ones get added, connecting Gabon with the entire African continent, the UAE, China, India, North and South America.

State-of-the-art Global Hub

  • 35,000 sqm terminal area.
  • Runways and airport suited for A-380.
  • 3 floors for a technologically up-to-date building.
  • Centralized Command and Control.
  • 18 stands on passenger apron.
  • 8 contact stands with aerobridges.
  • Capacity for 5 million passengers per annum.
  • 27 check-in counters.
  • 28 passport control booths.
  • 270 baggage reclaim spots.
  • VIP facilities.
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